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                最大胆裸体人体牲交,日本熟妇牲交视频,欧美牲交A欧美牲交AⅤ无码創立于2001年,  主要從事車載DVD、 車載娛樂導航系統、LED汽車大燈、汽車降噪發聲、汽車前裝配套等汽車電子系列產品的設計、開發、生產、銷售為一體的高科技企業。公司本著“以人為本?科技領先”的經營理念,“完善服務于消費者”的宗旨,公司產品暢銷國內外50多個國家和地區。

                Shenzhen Ruibao Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of automotive electronic products such as car DVD, car entertainment navigation system, LED car headlamp, automobile noise reduction, automobile assembly One of the high-tech enterprises. Companies in the "people-oriented science and technology leader" business philosophy, "improve the service to consumers," the purpose of the company's products sell well at home and abroad more than 50 countries and regions.

                The existing 15,000 square meters of modern production plants and nearly 500 employees, including the company's technology research and development team staff more than 50, more than 60 percent are undergraduate education. The company has a strong R & D team and manufacturing capacity. Customer first, customer satisfaction is our pursuit of goals, since its inception, uphold the "consumer satisfaction with the products" for the corporate philosophy, down to earth, focus on product development, and strive to provide users with world-class products , To a world advanced enterprise forward.

               The company will be rich in production experience, strong technical strength, strict quality control system to achieve the automotive electronics industry's most powerful, most influential brand business goals, the company "to strive for excellence ? innovation and create a perfect" The spirit of enterprise, the constant pursuit of higher development. And the majority of customers at home and abroad to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow!